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Townew T3 Slim Recyclable Refill Rings


Recyclable Trash Bag Refill Rings

Forget about struggling with bags that don't fit or seal properly.

These Refill Rings allow your Townew T3 Slim automatic trashcan to change the trash bag entirely for you without even having to think about it. Every Refill-Ring contains 25 durable trash bags, each with a capacity of 15 liters. Let us show you some of the benefits these refill rings bring along with them!

Quick math

For 2018, the average waste generation for every individual person in Europe was 492 liters a year, meaning 41 liters every month, 10 liters each week, and so on. This means that, when each of these refill rings contains 25 trash bags with a capacity of 15 liters, just a single refill ring will on average last you 283 days, 40.5 weeks, or 9.3 months! Amazing, isn't it? But that's not all!


Contribute to a healthier planet

We're committed to decreasing the environmental impact in the best way we can. That's why our Refill Rings themselves are 100% recyclable and carefully crafted to be safe and effective with the intention to better our planet.

Top of the shelf material

Townew's official trash bags are made of Polyethylene Material (PE) which is known for its durable, flexible, and strong characteristics and guarantees to withhold even the most potent of smells and keep them inside of the trash bag where they belong. 

Not only are Townew's trashbags significantly more resistant to wear and tear when compared to traditional bags, they have also been tested over and over again to ensure they are moisture and water-resistant.

How do I install the Refill Rings?

Easy! You don't need any technical experience to install them, just remove the upper ring which is meant for protecting the refill ring, then place the actual refill ring, and don't forget to put back the protection ring to its original place.


  • Compatibel with: TOWNEW T3 Slim Trash Can
  • Quantity/pack: 6 Refill Rings
  • Ring Material: recyclable polypropylene plastic
  • Bag Material: HDPE
  • Product Weight: 123 gr / ring
  • Produc Size: 24,82 x 13,92 x 3,6 cm / ring

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