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TOWNEW T1 smart trash can, decorative trash can, smart home, motion sensor trash can kitchen
Townew T1
smart kitchen, electric Trash Can, trashcans for kitchens, automatic Trash Can, trash bin
Townew T Air
TOWNEW smart Trash Can kitchen home bin touchless trashcans kitchens cans automatic white new
Townew T3
Capacity 15.5L 16.6L 13L  
Overload Feature Automatically Manual Automatically  
Accu 10 hours of charging / 30 days of use 2 hours of charging / 30 days of use 5 hours of charging / 80 days of use  
Charging port EU USB C (wall charger not included) Micro USB (wall charger not included)  
Refill ring included  
Available colors White and Teal White White and Teal
Refill rings: