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Will TOWNEW compress the trash to make space?

No, TOWNEW trash can does not compress the trash, it will only seal and replace the bag for you. Yet, in case you have overflowing trash, TOWNEW has an Overflow feature designed is exactly for this overflowing situation. When TOWNEW detects overflowing trash, its top compartment will be lifted up to release more plastic bag to fully wrap the overflowing trash without any spill or leak, and then seal it. 

Can TOWNEW seal the odor in and work as a diaper pail?

An attachable special cover will turn TOWNEW into a perfect diaper pail so that the odor will be sealed in inside the can.

Does TOWNEW have various sizes?

Although for now we only have the 15.5L(equals to 4 gallons) size, for our next model we will significantly increase the size as we realize most households need a much bigger trash can for their kitchen. We plan to release the larger
size of TOWNEW in Fall 2020.

Does TOWNEW use a special kind of bag only?

You will have to use TOWNEW liner refill ring to make the self-sealing and self-replacing features work. Just drop it in. Each refill ring will give you about 25 liners and each filled bag can hold up to 3 kg (6 lbs). The TOWNEW bag is only available in black color, and there won't be a clear bag available because the sensor cannot work properly on a clear bag.
It is NOT recommended to use regular trash bags. Even though you can install regular trash bags or grocery bags, but you will lose the self-sealing and self-changing features. That would turn your TOWNEW into an ordinary motion trash can.

Is TOWNEW Eco-friendly?

TOWNEW's trash bag actually reduces the wasted plastic more than the regular trash bag because our sealing technology ensures that no material is wasted when in use which can help keep more plastic out of the landfills, air, and oceans. Moreover, we are also working on producing our own biodegradable liner refill which will provide an Eco-friendly option.
The casing of TOWNEW refill is 100% recyclable. It will break down in 18 months in the normal condition, and it should be faster in the compost center.

Can I keep TOWNEW plugged on to the power source at all times?

Yes, that would be no problem.

Is TOWNEW the same as Xiaomi trash can from China?

No, it's a different version. The TOWNEW trash can was beta launched in China on the Xiaomi Platform and JD platform for crowdfunding purpose along with product & market testing.  Now, we bring a newer and more advanced model to  Europe. Although they look the same, European(NA & EU) models are quite different from the Chinese model. This model has a more advanced motor to make it FCC/CE compliant, UL safety certified, and fire hazard-free. Some key electronic components and designs are upgraded, and the plastic materials are different as well.