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Townew T Air Lite Smart Trash Can


World's only self-sealing trash can, lighter than ever.

TOWNEW T Air Lite is small, but mighty. A waste bin built with the same award-winning and self-sealing technology you know and love, designed for smaller spaces. With a larger capacity and a wide and open-top barrel, dealing with trash becomes a little less messy, even on the good days.


Getting to know the TOWNEW T Air Lite.

Self-Sealing Technology.

Not really into touching garbage and all the potentially harmfull microbes that come with it? All the Townew T Air Lite needs is a touch on a button to activate the built-in thermoplastic sealing technology as it will automatically seal the bag inside. 

Wide-open top.

The perfect design for when you're on the go.

TOWNEW T Air Lite's wide and open top barrel makes throwing trash in an easy, breezy task, maybe even a fun one, depending from how far you like to throw it! From now on there's no more need to get out of your comfortable couch to dispose your trash.


Small but mighty.

Holds more than you might think!

While the overall size of the Townew T Air Lite is smaller compared to the Townew T1, it does have a larger capacity! The original Townew bags fit perfectly in the 4.4 gallons (16.6 liters) volume sized main-compartment, leaving not even the slightest bit of space unused.


Refill Rings.

The secret behind Townew's magic!

All features of the TOWNEW T Air Lite are made possible thanks to the Refill Rings, which contain up to 25 durable trash bags inside of them, each lasting for months depending on where you put the trash can. 

But what does "up to 25 trash bags" mean?

With two sealing types, regular and overload, your TOWNEW T Air Lite will adjust how much bag material is needed in every seal.

So, each refill ring contains 25 bags, but when your Trash Can is overloaded, it will need more bag material. As a result, it will decrease the bag count in each refill ring.

Overload feature.

Don't worry if your Townew is overloaded and trash starts sticking out of the trash can. Simply lift up the top compartment using the lid to make all garbage fit inside of the garbage bag. After that, you can press the sealing button to make the Townew seal the trash bag.

IPX3 spatbestendige beschermingsnorm.

The Townew T Air Lite is splash and water-resistant with an IPX3 protection rating, meaning you can safely place it in your bathroom, next to your toilet, or close to a sink. 

Safety comes first.

Designed to prevent anyone from getting hurt: if something gets caught while sealing, it will instantly stop and return the sealing bars to their original position. This is useful when you have young children or pets running around the house.

Functional and Decorative.

In addition to being a useful piece of craftsmanship, it also has a stunning and eye-catching design that will accent your interior with a touch of elegance. The minimalist design fits all spaces and lifestyles and is the perfect addition to your modern home.


Quiet Operation.

TOWNEW T Air Lite ensures a quiet operation and high efficiency with every opening and closing of the lid. This feature makes sure it won't wake up your partner when placed in the bedroom or grabs the attention of someone who is studying.

Long Battery Life.

The Townew T Air Lite is equipped with a powerful and rechargeable lithium battery which has high-density energy cells inside of it. This energy-efficient smart trashcan will last 30 days with only a single charge of 2 hours! A USB C  charging cable is included in the package and can be used to plug into the charging port below the lid.


  • Type: Smart trashcan
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 16,6 liter (4.4 gallons)
  • Product Weight: 0.99 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Package Weight: 1.45 kg (3.20 lb)
  • Product Size: 344 × 346 × 423 mm (11.2 x 11.2 x 13.1 in)
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Battery specifications: 3.7V 2Ah lithium battery

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x TOWNEW T Air Lite Trash Can
  • 1 x  FREE Removable Refill Ring ( up to 25 trash bags)
  • 1 x USB C Charging cord (no adapter included)
  • 1 x User Manual and Warranty

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